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Cuisine: Oriental Fusion

Konyaku Kheer – Indian dessert meets Konyaku

This recipe was inspired by the Indian pudding Kheer made with rice or vermicelli. This recipe is a perfect match with Konyaku. The result is delicious and light. The konyaku can be the noodle or rice version.

This is usually cooked with ghee or butter, but by using vegetable oil, it becomes versatile and be used by people suffering from dairy intolerance or following a vegan diet.

This dessert can be eaten hot or cold and can be prepared up to 1 day in advance.

Tsuyoshi @ ex-Otabe Kafe
Photographed by Mike Slattery

Konyaku Summer Fruit Roll

This Dried Konyaku is good to use as a dessert so I made here an Asian taste recipe. A beautiful combination of summer fruits and Konyaku.

Please have a try this with a glass of sparkling water (or prosecco!)

[email protected] Kafe

Basil Pesto Konyaku Pasta

I created this recipe for the Allergy & Free From Show. Since no nuts are advised in the exhibition, I looked for an alternative to pine nuts, and I settled for this recipe which incorporates avocado and miso instead. Combined with the konyaku, these superfoods make it a really healthy recipe. Many visitors enjoyed these different flavours, and some asked me to put it on the website, so here it is!

I use a mix of half DRIED KONYAKU and half spaghetti, which works really well. The Konyaku brings an al dente texture as well as great health benefits. Of course you can change the proportions to whatever you like, have a try and find your favourite mix!