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Konyaku (also known as konjac or konnyaku) is a traditional Japanese food and can be used as a healthy alternative to pasta or noodles.

Our special ‘Dried’ Konyaku absorbs those flavours from the food cooked with it, making it taste delicious!
It has no unpleasant smell when you open the packet, as it is completely odourless.


This new type of dried konyaku can be used as a healthy alternative to pasta or rice.

Cooked Konyaku rice can be used as an ingredient for salad dishes or as a stuffing for meat balls, dumplings etc.
For any soup dishes such as risotto or paella, you can use it directly without pre-cooking.



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About us

We are Yu & Mi Company, a Japanese Food Company based in London. We are passionate about bringing you traditional Japanese products which help you to maintain a healthy diet.

More and more people are interested in adopting a healthy lifestyle, and the Japanese diet is proven to result in lower obesity, less heart disease and a longer lifespan. For many generations, the Japanese have been known for eating a diet filled with fresh unprocessed foods, lots of fresh fruit and vegetables, with plenty of variety…